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Featured Product

The In-Door Return Air Pathway is one of the easiest, most effective and inexpensive options available for perfectly balancing air in new or existing homes.  The device can easily be retro-fitted to most doors within a few minutes. 
Find out why the Door RAP may be a perfect solution for your air balancing needs!

Featured Product

In-Door Return Air Pathway

Easy and Inexpensive

Balanced Airflow On A Budget...

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For over two decades, Tamarack Technologies has been an industry leader in manufacturing innovative, energy efficient, sustainable products that improve indoor air quality year-round.
We are an American company and proud to provide high quality products made in America.

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We have recently released New Air Quality Products, including the Infinity iFan®, The World's First Intelligent Whole House Fan System.  Click on the news articles below to see the latest product news and updates!

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