Is your families health worth $10 - $20 a year?

by tamtech 10. April 2013 12:51
Is your families health more important than saving $10 to $20 a year? The homes we built over the last 15 years are very tight. They simply have very little air leakage. So if we look at this in depth what’s really going on here? If your house doesn’t allow fresh air in, what are you breathing? The answer is polluted air that contains any number of toxins. So I pose the question can we as living human beings live in a plastic bag? The answer is yes but for only a very few minutes. What we are living in today are plastic bag homes that don’t allow enough fresh air in. Why are these home so tight? It’s all based around saving energy. Saving energy is a noble thing to do but, if saving energy has a major impact on your families’ health is it really a good idea? So in my way of thinking should we apply some common sense. Too tight “major health impact” too lose “high energy cost”. I think we all understand what this means. If we apply common sense and allow fresh air in. The health benefits will outweigh the small cost of lost energy. The answer to this problem 90% of the time is a bathroom fan running 24/7 at 20-50 cfm. We call this the “dilution solution”. A slight negative indoor air pressure allows you and your house to breath in fresh air. Please look at our Bathroom Fan Kits and Controls they’re a simple, cost effective solution, that will reduce the airborne toxins in your home. Do This For Your Family Today!!! Nelson Warner


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