Consumer Beware

by tamtech 4. January 2012 08:02

“Consumer Beware” Look before you leap into purchasing one of the high priced humidity sensing bathroom fans. These fans can cause more harm than good. If the fan you are looking at purchasing doesn’t have an adjustable humidity set point don’t buy it. If you have one you may want to remove it. In most parts of the country humidity is high in the summer and low in the winter. If you’re looking at any of the Humidity Sensing Bathroom Fans that don’t have an adjustable humidity sensor (and most don’t) don’t buy it. These fans have a nonadjustable set point in the range of 50%. Here lies the problem if you have just taken a shower, the bathroom humidity will spike and the bathroom fan will turn on to try and remove the humid air. The outside air is 50% humidity or higher (in the summer over 60% is common) your fan will not turn off until your AC unit has bought the entire house down to below 50%. That’s if you have AC. If you don’t you’re going to have troubles. The fan that is running your house is now under negative pressure and if you bring in high levels of humid air, this humid air is a killer for many reasons. Moisture on walls, floor or ceilings will destroy the house and will lead to mold growth. So the simple answer is purchase a bathroom fan that uses a wall mounted time/speed control like the Airetrak Advantage. This control gives you everything you need to run the fan correctly. The airflow is controlled properly and it has the added feature of light control as well. So don’t spend lots of money on what you think is a better idea, automatic humidity control fans, buy what’s right a bath fan and a Airetrak Advantage that will give everything you will ever need. Nelson Warner


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