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ECO Breeze Window Unit

ECO Breeze Window Unit

Your Price: $199.00
Part Number:NC-EB

Eco Breeze uses Mother Nature’s cool air to remove heat during periods of low outdoor temperature and humidity. 

Eco Breeze turns your regular window into a smart, cooling window that knows when to bring fresh, cool outside air inside.

Why Use Eco Breeze?

  • Increase Comfort
    • Bring the cool morning air inside – take full advantage of the early morning cool temperatures to cool your house and enjoy the morning air
    • Do you turn your AC thermostat up to save money and energy? Use Eco Breeze and outside air to provide a morning cool down  below the air conditioner thermostat settings  for increased comfort and added energy savings
  • Great Savings
    • Eco Breeze uses 92% less electricity than an air conditioner for every hour it provides fresh air cooling
    • Use Eco Breeze with an air conditioner and save up to 90% on the summer AC bill in mild climates.  Save up to 30% in the hot climates.
    • Decreasing AC run time will extend an air conditioner’s life and delay costly repairs and system replacements
    • Cool individual rooms rather than the whole house use a fraction of the power of a whole house fan
  • Convenient
    • No daily cycle of opening and closing windows
    • No wet floors! Rain guard feature keeps stormy weather outdoors
    • No cold nights! Thermostat control prevents over cooling
    • Automatically activated as the outdoor temperature and humidity drop
  • Healthy home - Bring the fresh air in – take the stale air out

Mother Nature Provides the cool fresh air, we provide the technology!