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HV3400 R38 Insulated "Ghost" Whole House Fan (Up to 3,400 s.f.)

Part Number TTi-HV3400
HV3400 R38 Insulated "Ghost" Whole House Fan (Up to 3,400 s.f.)
HV3400 "Ghost" R38 Whole House Fan
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Welcome to the magical quiet cooling system that is the Ghost. Powerful and energy efficient, the Ghost circulates up to 3400 CFM of air for pennies a day. 

The Ghost provides a different type of cooling than you get from an air conditioning unit. When the air outside is cooler than inside, you simply open windows and turn on the Ghost. It then pushes out hot, stuffy, stale air and replaces it with cool outside air. Your entire home is refreshed and your family is more comfortable. 

Air conditioning, on the other hand, will cool you off but also will continuously re-circulate stale – sometimes unhealthy – air. At a steep cost. Even running the Ghost

continuously, you could save up to 90% of that portion of your energy bill eaten up by

air conditioning. 

Why is it called ‘The Ghost?’

One knock on older whole house fans was loud noise and vibration. When we started

drawing up attributes that we wanted for this powerful whole house fan, first on the list was ‘whisper quiet.’ As someone on the development team said: ‘Like a ghost.’ After some debate, another team member added: ‘I get chills when I think about the possibility of a ghost in my attic.’ Cool, quiet, invisible but still there. Thus, a product name was born.  

But we wanted more than just quiet and cool for this premier modern day fan and we knew our customers would as well. ‘Energy efficient’ was next on the list. Check. ‘Easy to install.’ Check. ‘Maintenance-free.’ Another check. Then we asked ourselves if there were any negatives to existing whole house fans that the Ghost could be designed to overcome and there were a couple. So we added mechanically sealed, insulated doors to keep cold out in the winter and heat out in the summer when the unit was not being used. For ease of use, we added a remote control unit. Because it was – and continues to be -- important to our customers, we added an aesthetically pleasing ceiling grille and a six-foot power cord to complete the Ghost package.  

‘Ghost’ turned out to be the perfect name for our premier whole house fan. It’s whisper quiet compared to old fashion fans, sits in the attic and is always ready to send chills your way. For pennies a day.

The HV3400 is California Title 24 compliant and listed on the California Energy Commission appliance efficiency directory.

- 2-Speed, Radio Frequency Remote Controlled, 3,400** cfm

- Easy installation ! Sits on attic floor joist!

- The ONLY fan with R38 or R50 insulated self sealing doors.

- Includes a 24.5" X 16.5" o.d. white interior grille, 6' power cord and radio frequency remote control.

- For engineered truss roof systems, please call prior to ordering.

Click here for product specifications

Click here for installation Manual

- 3-year Warranty, Add an Extended warranty for 3 more years!

Not sure which fan to use for your home, click here or call for sizing information

- Installation instructions include an optional hard wire configuration for fan operation: Recommended controls are an SPST wall switch, or a non-digital spring wound mechanical timer. All other controls will void the product warranty.**CFM rates measured in a controlled test environment. Your results may vary due to building construction. *Continental US only, accessories not included.

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