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Tamarack products SAVE YOU ENERGY DOLLARS , improve indoor air quality and reduce your carbon footprint.

The Infinity line of ducted whole house fans provide an endless number of solutions to exhaust air, deliver air or provide a mixed  balanced ventialtion solution in the home.


The HV® and Ghost® line of whole house fans cool the home and CUT your electric bill as they draw cool outside air in through the windows. These are THE only R-38 Inulated whole house fans on the market today.  Click here to SEE HOW IT WORKS !!!


The MultiAire IIP is a four port single intake whole house fan that will deliver fresh clean air into the home through a MERV 13 filter. Flexible in design it can be mounted just about anywhere in the home. Four 4" ports allow 400 cfm of fresh clean air to be sent directly into the home. ETL Approved


The TC1000T is designed for sunrooms and solariums. It is equippedwith a wall mounted thermostat and it's energy efficient two-speed fan moves 500/800 cfm. The TC1000H is the only insulated whole house fan designed for a solid roof/wall application where no attic is available. It comes with a wall switch to turn it on and off and moves 800 cfm.


The Mainstream is specified in weatherization programs throughout the country, as a direct replacement fan for manufactured housing.

The Dragon, will exhaust dangerous fumes,and VOC's from the garage. HVI Certified UL Approved.

The Airetrak® is an electronic control that allows the programming of the bath fan to operate intermittently throughout the day. This helps reduce the propensity of mold build up in bathrooms and improves indoor air quality.  Meets/Exceeds ASHRAE and EnergyStar ratings. UL approved.


The Airetrak 62.2® controls the bath fan switch delivering a low constant duty and full speed capability. It is a low cost solution to meet the ASHRAE 62.2 standard for indoor air quality. UL approved.


The Cape Backdraft Damper is an in-line maintenance free alternative to mechanical butterfly dampers. Requiring little resistance to open or close, it allows full flow of the bath fan. The fabric is tested to UL723 standards.

The Return Air Pathway (R.A.P.) wall system allows the movement of air from one room to the next, equalizing pressure in the home while dampening sound and light. It is easily installed in a new construction or retro-fit application for interior walls. Florida Power and Light case study on how the RAP is essential to balancing pressure in the home.


The Perfect Balance® Door In-Door Pressure Relief Unit is an inexpensive under the interior door retro-fit, relieving interior pressure imbalances within the home and maximizes the efficiency of the HVAC system. It is east to install, mitigates light and noise and made of durable abs plastic.


Click on our Energy Conservation section and find a number of items that will help you use less electricity. The ENVI power monitor and Simple Touch controls identify and eliminate "Phantom" electicity hogs and let you use only the power you need, when you need it.

The Dream Aire 5000 is a compact portable HRV that has a single exhaust duct. Equipped with an electrostatic precipitation filter (ESP) KILLING 97% of viruses, mold spores and bacteria-before entering the home. Features a "lung" action reversing direction every 30 seconds, pulling air in and exhausting old stale air out of the house. Fitted for wall or window use.

Tamarack Technologies, Inc. is available for technical support Monday through Friday from 8am to 5 pm EST @1-800-222-5932. You can also find answers to FAQ, technical specifications and installation instructions on this site. 


 Alternatively cool your home with our huge selection of energy conservaton products.

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