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window fan cool air breeze eco ECO Breeze Window Unit

Eco Breeze uses Mother Nature’s cool air to remove heat during periods of low outdoor temperature and humidity. 

Eco Breeze turns your regular window into a smart, cooling window that knows when to bring fresh, cool outside air inside.

Why Use Eco Breeze?

  • Increase Comfort
    • Bring the cool morning air inside – take full advantage of the early morning cool temperatures to cool your house and enjoy the morning air
    • Do you turn your AC thermostat up to save money and energy? Use Eco Breeze and outside air to provide a morning cool down  below the air conditioner thermostat settings  for increased comfort and added energy savings
  • Great Savings
    • Eco Breeze uses 92% less electricity than an air conditioner for every hour it provides fresh air cooling
    • Use Eco Breeze with an air conditioner and save up to 90% on the summer AC bill in mild climates.  Save up to 30% in the hot climates.
    • Decreasing AC run time will extend an air conditioner’s life and delay costly repairs and system replacements
    • Cool individual rooms rather than the whole house use a fraction of the power of a whole house fan
  • Convenient
    • No daily cycle of opening and closing windows
    • No wet floors! Rain guard feature keeps stormy weather outdoors
    • No cold nights! Thermostat control prevents over cooling
    • Automatically activated as the outdoor temperature and humidity drop
  • Healthy home - Bring the fresh air in – take the stale air out

Mother Nature Provides the cool fresh air, we provide the technology!



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