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About Us

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Tamarack Technologies, Inc., headquartered on Cape Cod Massachusetts was founded in 1993. Tamarack is an industry leader in ventilation solutions, manufacturing state-of-the-art whole house fans, indoor air exchange products and electronic controls using minimal or no energy. Our products save money, are maintenance free and reduce the carbon footprint while delivering a cleaner, comfy, healthier home environment.


Our products reduce energy expense and improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

Whole House Fans:
Air exchange is critical for a healthy, comfortable home. Our products get the job done efficiently and economically. The HV® and Ghost® whole house fans bring cool outside air into the home and push it out through the attic. The TC series is designed for sunrooms and solid roof/wall applications. The Mainstream® is a replacement fan for manufactured housing. The Dragon® series will remove dangerous fumes and toxins from the garage. The Infinity® ducted whole house ventilation system offers an infinite range of positive and negative air flow solutions for multiple applications.

Fan Controls:
The Airetrak©1A Advantage is an electronic control that allows the programming of the bath fan to operate intermittently throughout the day. This helps reduce the propensity of mold build up in bathrooms, improves indoor air quality and meets/exceeds Energy Star, LEEDS and ASRAE 62.2 mechanical standards for indoor air quality.

Backdraft Dampers:
The Cape Backdraft Damper fits inside 4", 5", 6" 7" or 8" ducting. It requires minimal pressure to open and close. This allows full flow of fan and SERIOUSLY outperforms a traditional butterfly damper. Air flow is in one direction, designed for cold and hot streams. Tested to NFPA 255 and UL723 standards.

Pressure Balancing:
The Return Air Pathway (R.A.P.) allows the movement of air from one room to the next, equalizing pressure in the home while dampening sound and light from one room to the next and is easily installed in a retro-fit application for walls. The Perfect Balance In-Door pressure relief grille is designed to balance pressure within the home and installed as a simple retro-fit to the bottom of interior doors. Read the Florida Power and Light case study on RAP.