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10" Butterfly Damper

10" Butterfly Damper

Your Price: $57.00
Part Number:AL-99027

This butterfly backdraft damper fits 10" round duct. It has a galvanized steel collar and lightweight aluminum damper blades.


  • Spring loaded for positive closure
  • 20 gauge galvanized steel housing
  • Aluminum spring loaded butterfly damper blades
  • Damper seals against EDPM rubber gasket in closed position for minimal leakage
  • Gasket designed for use in temperatures from - 22°F  to 180°F
  • Require from 0.04 to 0.08 inches W.G. to begin to open
  • May be installed in any position
  • Simple installation - entire assembly inserts into duct
  • Exterior foam gaskets assure a tight seal against interior surface of duct