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Fresh 80 Air Supply Vent

Fresh 80 Air Supply Vent

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Part Number:TTi-TFSR80
The Fresh 80/100 provides fresh air by efficiently mixing outdoor air with indoor air. This is accomplished with either mechanical exhaust ventilation or self-induced air supply. The Fresh 80/100 features adjustable airflow, insulation to eliminate condensation and reduce sound penetration, and dust and insect filters.

PASSIVE INLETS Fresh 80 Fresh Air Ventilator - Adjustable Passive Make-Up Air Vent. Bring in fresh air from the outdoors and provide makeup air for the mechanical ventilation system. Make-up air is an essential element in a complete central exhaust indoor air quality ventilation system, particularly in structures that are well-insulated and built tightly. The introduction of fresh air from the exterior provides the make-up air to replace air being exhausted by an exhaust fan. Thus, indoor relative humidity levels are kept to acceptable levels and a healthy atmosphere is assured. Fresh air vents protect from excessive negative pressure in the living space and can also be a safeguard from the backdrafting of toxic combustion by-products. The FRESH 80 is easily installed into an approximately 3 3/8" diameter circular opening. This opening can be made using a standard 3 1/4" hole saw. FRESH 80 comes complete with interior, exterior, and in-wall mounting sections