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Why A Whole House Fan Makes More Sense Than A/C

Health concerns - A tightly constructed home traps toxic air which can lead to serious health issues.  A whole house fan moves unhealthy air out of the house.

Cost - A whole house fan can run 24/7 for pennies.

Refreshed air vs. re-circulated air - A house needs to breathe. A whole house fan allows it to do so; an air conditioner doesn’t.

Allergies - Many people who have allergies can’t tolerate an air-conditioned environment.

Aesthetics - A whole house fan sits unseen in an attic or utility closet.

Noise - Our modern whole house fans do their work quietly and efficiently.

Natural temperature relief - Alternative cooling brings in outside air to cool your home without the negative effects of air conditioning.

Watch Ask This Old House Install the HV1600 Whole House Fan!