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Diagram showing whole house fan air flow

Tamarack Whole House Fan

  • Sealed Doors
  • Insulated
  • Do It Yourself 1 Person Install
  • No Joist Cutting
  • Made In USA
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Smart Device Compatible
  • Cloud-based Wi-Fi
  • Chosen Twice by Ask This Old House
  • Top Rated Whole House Fan
Competitors Whole House Fan

  • No Sealing
  • No Installation
  • Expensive 2 Person Install (Not D.I.Y. Friendly)
  • Joist Cutting?
  • USA Made?
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant?
  • Wi-FI is LAN based
  • Not Chosen by Ask This Old House
  • Not Top Rated

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HV1000 Whole House Fan Reviews

“Amy and I just finished installing our HV1000. It is everything we could have wanted from a whole house attic fan. Lightweight, easy to install and fully insulated. We replaced an antiquated and loud “airplane propeller” attic fan with the HV1000. Thank goodness. No more going up in the attic twice each year to pull out and install fiberglass batt insulation because the old fan wasn’t insulated at all. With the HV1000, all we had to do was build a wooden frame box out of lumber in the ceiling and drop in in….that easy. Thanks so much, keep up the great work. We Love It!” – Amy & Chuck P., Shiloh, IL.

HV1600 Ghost Whole House Fan

” First, the whole house fan works great! My whole house is cooler now than it has ever been. The features of my unit (HV1600) with the RF remote, allows me to control the fan from my bedroom or downstairs. Please have your customers who don’t quite believe this, call me” – Mike A., Canadensis, PA”

HV3400 Ghost Whole House Fan

Wow, this cools down the house really well. With baseboard heat, it would be expensive to install air conditioning. This is a great alternative where our days can get hot (90F) but it generally cools off after 7PM before the house is stifling. Easy to install, sizes quoted by the manufacturer is exactly correct. We had to cut the opening in the ceiling a little bigger to get the unit into the attic, slide it between 16″ on center joists, no problem. The rest was pretty simple, make a box between the joists, seal it up, hook up the electrical, fix the drywall, install the vent. We have a 1550sqft house with about 75′ of ridge vent. The venting seems sufficient (I estimated 20 sq in per foot of ridge vent ~10sqft,, 9sqft recommended). Cooling, once the outside temperature drops below the inside temperature figure maybe 4 degrees per hour. And it vents out that hot attic air so the heat is dissipated and doesn’t re-radiate into the house. Noise, well you cant move 3400cfm without some sound…but it’s liveable. We installed this near the bedrooms, down a hallway, so the sound is dissipated from 7-10PM when the unit is most effective & we are in the living area. At night, the low setting is much quieter. The automatic insulated doors are working great to keep the hot attic air in the attic. The manual electrical hookup. (three wire plus a double SPST switch in a single switch box) also works fantastic. The remote seems to work along with the manual switches but I haven’t tried all of the possibilities yet. I know I can switch from high to low with the remote even with the manual switches operating. Anyway, great product! Kudos.