HRVs and ERVs

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Nu-air Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators (HRVs and ERVs) are Balanced Whole House Ventilation systems. They provide a continuous stream of fresh outside air throughout the home while exhausting stale indoor air. The benefit of using a nu-air HRV or ERV is that they are designed to capture up to 70% of the energy (heat or cool) from the exhaust stream. The effect is that the incoming fresh air is partially conditioned as it comes into the home.

Nu-air HRVs and ERVs are the best ventilation solution available for comfort, health and safety when constructing or remodeling a tight home. These systems are best used and operated whenever the home is closed up during the heating or air conditioning seasons. Any time your windows are open and air is naturally circulating, they are turned off.

In a typical installation, fresh outside air is supplied to bedrooms, home offices and hobby rooms. The stale indoor air is exhausted from bathrooms, exercise rooms and dining areas. This layout provides for continuous low flow circulation making your home a more healthy and comfortable environment.

ERVs transfer both heat and humidity.
HRVs transfer heat only.

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