Cape BreeZ Filtering Window Fan


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Cool a room with filtered outside air, free of allergens and pollutants like pollen, mold and dust mites. The Cape BreeZ window fan improves sleep and breathing issues. The best window fan for asthma and allergy sufferers.

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The Cape BreeZ ventilating window fan brings in cool, fresh air while filtering out most outside pollutants like pollen, mold and dust mites. Once installed, it can be programmed to turn on when the outside temp and humidity levels meet your personal comfort needs. As a result, the Cape BreeZ window fan improves sleep and breathing issues. Because of its unique filtering feature, it is the best window fan for people who suffer from asthma and seasonal allergies.

Not only is a Cape BreeZ window fan the healthiest fan choice, it’s the most economical. It uses about the same amount of energy as an LED light bulb when cooling a room. This is 75% less energy than a traditional window fan and 98% less than air conditioning.┬áBy providing significant energy savings, the Cape BreeZ quickly pays for itself! Fans installed in areas with hot climates will return their full costs in less than a year. Even colder cities, where air conditioners are used intermittently, require little over a year to fully recover the initial investment.

The Cape BreeZ comes equipped with a MERV 8 air filter that traps pollen, mold and dust, but a MERV 13 air filter, which can trip even finer particles like viruses and bacteria, is available as an add-on. Learn more about the different filters and how to choose the right filter for your needs here.

Cape BreeZ Window Fan Features

  • Auto or Manual Mode with 5-speeds
  • Perfect for bedrooms and family rooms
  • Cools up to 300 square feet
  • Energy Efficient
  • Light-weight, low-profile design
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Monitors both indoor and outdoor humidity levels with built-in sensors
  • Best natural sleep aid on the market
  • Comes with a MERV 8 air filter
  • Optional MERV 13 air filter can be sourced outside of Tamarack to fit into tray.
  • ETL Listed
  • Made in the USA

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