Clothes Dryer Vent Seal


The 4 inch Dryer Vent Seal effectively prevents outside elements and air from entering vents when the dryer is not in use. Replaces traditional dryer vents. Easy installation by mounting over existing 4 inch vent duct. Affordable solution to reduce heat and AC costs.
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The 4-inch Clothes Dryer Vent Seal replaces conventional dryer vent hoods. This device is an affordable, energy-efficient solution to prevent cold or warm air from entering your house as well as preventing indoor air from escaping. It will also keep out unwanted pests and harmful airborne contaminants and allergens, thus improving indoor air quality.

The Clothes Dryer Vent Seal is made of high impact ABS plastic with a UV inhibitor that helps prevent premature fading. It mounts easily over an existing 4-inch duct and will mount easily on siding, brick, or cement. The vent can be painted if desired. The dimensions are 6.5″ W x 7.0″ D x 13.3″ H.¬†

How does the Clothes Dryer Vent Seal Work?
The  Clothes Dryer Vent Seal will remain closed unless the dryer is in use. When the dryer is in use, the floating shuttle underneath the visible hood rises to allow warm air, lint, and moisture to escape.

Outside air enters your home through the exposed dryer vent, and that means higher heating bills in winter, higher cooling bills in summer. Our Clothes Dryer Vent Seal keeps out that outside air: heated dryer air pushes up the floating shuttle, then escapes from the vent’s bottom. When the dryer stops, the shuttle drops back down, keeping wind, birds, bugs, and rodents outside.


  • Affordable and energy-efficient alternative to conventional dryer vent hoods
  • Reduces heating and AC costs
  • Keeps unwanted airflow out of the home
  • Keeps pests, bees and rodents from entering ducts
  • Easy to install with hardware included


Replacement Installation 

  1. Remove existing vent hood face leaving its pipe in place. Make sure pipe is flush with
    outside of wall. Clean all lint accumulation from the vent pipe to dryer.
  2. Separate elbow section of Dryer Vent Seal and center over vent pipe opening. Mark and
    drill mounting holes and attach to wall. Caulk any openings between base of elbow and
  3. Place upper section onto the installed elbow. Mark hole positions and drill holes. Your
    Dryer Vent Seal is ready to use. Clean damper section periodical by opening lid and
    removing floating seal.

New Installation

  1. Cut a 4 in (10.2 cm) hole in the outside wall to accommodate the vent pipe from the
    dryer. Be sure vent pipe is flush with the outside wall. To complete installation, follow
    instructions 2 and 3 above.




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