Fresh 100 Air Supply Vent


Fresh Air Supply Vent


Shop Now the FRESH 100 Air Supply Vent is Draft Free!  Many ventilation systems bring in unwanted drafts when in use. When this occurs, it is natural to close off the ventilator to keep the drafts out. But experience shows that the air in a room becomes stuffy and unhealthy without adequate fresh air ventilation. Condensation can form on the window panes; and mold can become a problem in tightly constructed, energy efficient homes. For this reason, it is necessary that fresh air ventilation is supplied to your home without causing drafts.

The Fresh 100 is a larger version of the Fresh 80.  Use the Fresh 100 to bring outdoor air through the vent’s filter and into your home, providing makeup air for today’s tighter homes.  Mount the unit near the ceiling of any room that has a wall to the exterior.  This passive vent requires no electricity.  It will draw in fresh air whenever the pressure in the home calls for it.  A string can be pulled to close the unit on very windy days. Measurements have an overall length 9 1/2″, length of tube 6 1/2″, tube diameter 4 1/8″, hole size 4 1/8″, the max wall thickness is 9 1/2″.


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