HV 1400 Whole House Fan

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An affordable cooling solution designed for small homes and cottages.

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Tested to HVI 916 for CA only @ 1397 CFM

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The HV 1400 Whole House Fan is a low cost cooling solution that is ideal for small homes and cottages. It efficiently reduces indoor temperature by pulling cool outside air in through open windows while pushing warm air out through existing attic vents. This fan features a gravity damper and installs in a snap.

HV 1400 Fan Features

  • Quickly circulates 1397 CFM*.
  • Energy efficient & maintenance-free.
  • Drop down damper closes and air seals the attic space when not in use.
  • Perfect for small home and cottages.
  • Easy to install | Fits 16” or 24” on-center joists | No joist-cutting required.
  • 222w, 1.9amp.

*CFM rates measured in a controlled test environment. Your results may vary due to building construction.

Product Specs

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1 review for HV 1400 Whole House Fan

  1. Rankin B

    I am located in Southern California and this fan has reduced our energy use by 30-40%….Installation was easy once I felt brave enough to cut the drywall to make the hole in the ceiling… We run the A/C at night but the cost is minimal because the house and attic are pre-cooled with outside evening air usually in the 68-75 range…. Our house is 3500 sq ft and this 1400 cfm unit moves plenty of air…. The fans run at high rpm’s and it creates a white noise that is not bothersome…. Now that I have this whole house fan it makes me wonder how the CA building code allowed a relatively new home to be built so inefficiently. I could probably add solar and/or better attic insulation but but there is no way that anything could could challenge the dollar for dollar value of this $350 fan….

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