nu-air ES160 ERV


For mid-sized to larger homes 600-3200 Sq Ft, the top-ducted ES160 ERV is ideal for installing in tight spaces.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction.
  • High efficiency crossflow ERV core with latent and sensible energy recovery.
  • Door-mounted pressure ports for easy air flow measurement.
  • Adjustable straps for easy hanging,
  • Removable wire blocks for safe wiring at floor level.
  • 5 year parts warranty, 5 year ERV core warranty.
    AHRI Certified


Light Weight: Constructed of lightweight aluminum for an overall
weight of just 30 pounds – one of the lightest units in the Energy
Recovery Ventilator market.
Verification: Test ports on the front cover allow airflow verification
without having to remove or penetrate ducting.
Speed Adjustment: Independent speed adjustment of either supply or exhaust motor in both high and low speed.
Operation: Intelligent defrost automatically puts the unit into a
recirculation mode until it is clear of any frost build-up.

Additional Features

  • Insulated interior reduces sound level.
  • Durable white enamel finish.
  • Easy access to interior of unit through the latched door.
  • Includes removable and cleanable polyester air filters.
  • MERV 13 filters available separately.
  • Removable and cleanable fiber media core.
  • Two energy efficient, permanently lubricated motors.
  • Optional drain connection can be added for areas where condensation might be a consideration.
  • Safety switch shuts the unit off when the door is open.
  • 6 inch round duct connections.
  • 3 foot grounded cord and plug.

Product Specs

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ES160 spec pic


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Es095 install


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