TC1000-T Sunroom Ventilation Fan (White)


This specialized fan is custom-built to fit within the glass panels of most sunroom manufacturer designs. It can be operated by thermostat for temperature control or humidistat for moisture control and features a motorized damper that seals when not in use.


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The TC1000-T is the only sunroom fan designed specifically for residential sunrooms, three season rooms and greenhouses. It can be operated by thermostat to keep your home’s sunroom at the perfect temperature year-round or it can be operated by humidistat to effectively stabilize moisture and humidity in greenhouses or sunrooms containing pools. The TC1000-T is custom-built to fit within the glass panels of most sunspace manufacturer designs. It’s equipped with a motorized R8 insulated damper that opens while actively ventilating and seals closed when the fan is not in use. This prevents air, insects, rain, and other elements from entering the space.


  • Two energy efficient fans circulate 800 CFM*
  • Motorized R8 insulated damper
  • WiFi-compatible model available for convenient smartphone and smart home device operation
  • Available in white or brown
  • Maintenance-free
  • Standard 3-year limited warranty¬† |¬† Optional extended warranty

Please verify TC1000-T flange size prior to ordering. Because the TC1000-T is custom-built for each purchaser, returns cannot be accepted for units ordered in the incorrect size.

Product Specs

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