Benefits of A Whole House Fan

hv1000R38 Whole House Fan Main Image with doors openA Whole House Fan provides an effective and natural cooling solution for a fraction of the cost of installing, operating, and maintaining an air conditioning system.  These fans are extremely effective as long as the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature of your home.

A Whole House Fan typically uses only 10% of the energy of an A/C system while costing much less to purchase and install.

Research conducted in California has shown that homeowners who install a Whole House Fan reduced their dependency on A/C thus saving money on energy bills. A/C systems recycle indoor air during the cooling process while a Whole House Fan introduces fresh outside air to your home.

Whole House Fans are sometimes called attic vents, attic exhaust fans, attic ventilators, a whole house attic fan, a ceiling exhaust fan or roof vent.  While a Whole House Fan pushes air from the main body of your house into the attic, forcing the air out through ridge vents or soffit vents, the main purpose is to cool down your house by bringing in fresh outside air.

How do Whole House Fans Work?

Whole House Fans exhaust indoor air and bring in clean, fresh outside air.  This will help remove remove allergens,  odors, VOC's, and pet dander.  In many cases they will help reduce mold and mildew buildup - a major health risk. This process improves the indoor air quality in your home.

Whole House Fans work much faster than A/C systems. When the temperature outside is 10-15 degrees cooler than inside the home, you will experience the cooling effects of a Whole House Fan in a matter of minutes.

HV1600 R38 Installed in Attic

Designed to fit between standard framing - 16 or 24 inch on center - Tamarack's Whole House Fans are easy to install.  Our fans are lighter and more compact than ducted units.

HV1600 R38 Whole House Attic Fan or R50 Insulation Option Image

      Tamarack Whole House Fans feature unique self-closing doors.  When not in use, the doors are closed and sealed, preventing any leaks to or from the attic. You can choose R38 or R50 insulation levels for the doors at the time of purchase.