Energy Saving Products

Since 1993, Tamarack has been dedicated to providing homeowners with economical, energy saving ventilation solutions!

Lowering energy bills and running an efficient, healthy home requires proper ventilation and balanced airflow. Tamarack offers Do-It-Yourself ventilation solutions that are proven to reduce heating and cooling costs while improving the air quality inside your home year-round.

Tamarack"s line of Whole House Fans exhaust hot, stuffy and polluted air out of your home, replacing it with fresh, outside air. Unlike other fans on the market, our fans are engineered with unique mechanical, insulated self closing doors to keep your attic space sealed off from the rest of the home when not in use.

Balanced airflow plays a critical role in managing the efficiency of your HVAC system. Having balanced air pressure is imperative to reduce hot and cold spots throughout your home. This can easily be achieved by installing Tamarack Technologies Return Air Pathway/Transfer Grilles.  These products are listed by the Building Peformance Institute and have been featured in Fine Homebuilding Magazine,. Tamarack Technologies Return Air Pathways are easy to install, and are proven to solve pressure imbalances caused by your HVAC system.

Tamarack's Cape Backdraft Dampers have been featured on the "Today" show.  The Cape Dampers will stop cold air and moisture from getting into your home through dryer vents, bathroom fan vents and range hood vents. They are an economical solution to stop backdrafts and save energy.

Reduce your energy costs with Tamarack