About Us

Tamarack – Your source for quality ventilation, air sealing and pressure balancing products

Featured on Ask This Old House and the Today ShowSince 1993 Tamarack has been an industry leader in manufacturing innovative, energy efficient, sustainable ventilation products that improve indoor air quality year round and provide alternative cooling solutions when the weather gets uncomfortably warm.  Our goal has always been to make homes more comfortable while saving natural resources for future generations by creating products that are energy efficient.  Our products are designed and developed by a technical team that strives to be ahead of a constantly changing regulatory environment and evolving consumer needs.

Each of our products has the intended purpose of delivering comfort at an affordable price.  Our mission is simple: offer the highest quality products and back them up with technical support and customer service.

Since the founding of our company in 1993, we have been driven by the desire to improve residential indoor air quality. Our first signature product was the Whole House Fan, a product category which we continue to lead. We offer a variety of sizes and configurations of whole house fans for virtually any cooling or air exchange need.

Our Perfect Balance In-door Return Air Pathway units are patented, inexpensive, and meet code for indoor air balancing.  Most often used in bathrooms, The Perfect Balance is a great product to make sure the bath fan is able to move air out thereby helping to reduce mold build up.

Our popular Cape Backdraft Damper eliminates the possibility that outdoor air will flow back in through a fan when not in use.  And it accomplishes this without diminishing the fan’s ability to move air out.

In 2020, Tamarack completed the purchase of Battic Door – an innovative company that makes super insulated products that help on the air sealing side of the equation.   The E Z Hatch is a fully assembled attic scuttle insulated to R-50 with an R-80 option.  The Battic Door is a retrofit system that improves the performance of a pull down stair assembly.  And The Fireplace Plug is used to seal the chimney in a home when not in use.

We offer these and other innovative products helping our customers achieve ASHRAE standards., Energy Star certification, Build Green and LEEDS accreditation with our cutting-edge designs.

We look forward to working with you.