Garage Ventilation

One of the best places in your home to work on improving the air quality is in the garage.  Especially if the garage is attached to the home.  In addition to our cars, we store many items on our garages that emit toxins that can effect our health.  Paints and solvents, cleaning supplies, yard equipment that contains oil and gasoline.   All these products will emit toxins into the air over time.  This may effect the health of the occupants of the home if these elements are able to seep into the living space.

By installing a Garage Exhaust fan, you can create a situation where the garage is under negative pressure and these pollutants are exhausted to the outside and being replaced by fresh air.

Do everything you can to isolate your garage from the home by air sealing the connection to the home and then ventilate the garage in the name of health and safety.

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