Dragon Garage Fan 416 cfm 8″ duct


SKU: TTi-DR200


Breathe easy when the Dragon Garage Ventilation Fan exhales hot, humid, toxic air from your attached garage. Remove unhealthy  fumes from gasoline, fertilizer, paints, pesticides and auto exhaust.

The Dragon easy to install, energy efficient and completely maintenance free! Designed for easy through the wall installation, the Dragon features a powerful external rotor motor plus a built-in spring loaded backdraft damper preventing insects from entering your garage. UL Listed. Interior grille not included.

The Dragon fan is manufactured from high-grade pressed galvanized steel, has an easy to remove top for easy access to the motor, includes a prewired junction box,  suitable for working airstreams up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, includes a large grille opening for easy passing of lint and other clogging materials.

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