Backdraft Dampers

Tamarack’s Cape Backdraft Dampers STOP outside air from entering the home through your bath fans, range hoods and driers.  When not in use,  many fans allow air to flow in from the outside because the flappers that come with the fans do not seal properly.  In many cases they will get stuck in the closed position and make it difficult for the exhaust fan to do its job.  We have solved this problem with a simple and brilliantly designed product that offers no resistance to out-flow and stops in-flow when the fan is off.  Silent operation, no maintenance, easy installation.  Don’t let backdrafts eat away at your energy costs! The Cape Backdraft Damper is a simple solution for all your backdraft issues!

*Volume Discounts Available!

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Our Cape Backdraft Dampers were featured on the Today Show!

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