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 door vent return air pathway transfer grille

Tamarack Technologies Return Air Pathway Transfer Grilles/RAP, provide your home with proper air flow which promotes healthy indoor air quality. RAP’s relieve hot and cold spots, reduces the strain on your A/C system, therefore, improving energy efficiency. Most importantly this allows homeowners to save on both cooling and heating costs. Similarly, the Perfect Balance® In-door Return Air Pathway Transfer Grilles/RAP installed in the bathroom door helps prevent mold and mildew, therefore, providing the bath fan with much-needed makeup air.

Why choose a Tamarack RAP? Because a door undercut does not allow for sufficient airflow. This restricted air flow will cause air pressure imbalances to build up in bedrooms and bathrooms. The patented baffle material in the Tamarack RAP/Grilles helps to lessen sound and light transmission for privacy. An added bonus that door undercuts and empty transfer grilles do not provide. Solve your ventilation needs with a Tamarack Return Air Pathway Transfer Grille/RAP. Don’t just take our word for it see what the experts like Mike Guertin at Fine Homebuilding  have to say! Tamarack RAP products are BPI listed.  Transfer Grilles/RAPS are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, and home offices.


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