Perfect Balance In-Door Return Air Pathways

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The Perfect Balance In-Door Return Air Pathway is easy to install in 1 3/8″ thick hollow core doors. A template is provided to make cutting to exact measurements simple. The Perfect Balance is the solution for improving air flow in your home.  Eliminate those uncomfortable hot and cold spots while allowing your heating and cooling system to perform more efficiently. The best place to install this product is in the bathroom door. This will Improve the effectiveness of your bathroom fan by increasing the fan’s ability to remove moisture and help prevent the build-up of mold. This patented product is proudly Made in the USA using durable and paintable ABS material. 


Masonite International tested and approved the Perfect Balance® for use in their “Safe N’ Sound Interior Door”

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Durable ABS plastic (paintable) and interior baffle to mitigate noise and light. Color: White.

24 1/2″ width X 4″ height rough opening, fits a 1-3/8″ thick door with a minimum width of 30″. Measure door first before ordering!


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Spec Sheet

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Perfect Balance Spec Sheet


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Energy Vanguard’s An Easy Retrofit for Return Air Video:

4 reviews for Perfect Balance In-Door Return Air Pathways

  1. Raymond Franklin

    Easy to follow instructions, easy to install and product works great.

  2. Ryan Barth

    I could almost feel “suction” when I used to open my bathroom door. The bottom of the door was very close to the floor and apparently, it sealed to the door frame pretty well. It started to develop mold on the ceiling. I’m sure there was negligible return air going back to the air handler when the door was closed. Likewise, I’m sure the exhaust fan could barely function with the door closed.

    I removed the door (I’m barely handy) by removing the hinge pin and cut out the bottom of the door as shown in the directions. The In-Door Return Air Pathway installed easily.

    Now I can open the door with ease and even close it by just pushing it and letting it shut on its own. No way was that happening before. I’m confident the ventilation will be much better now.

    Before installing, I removed the cardboard insert and spray painted it black so it would be a little less obtrusive. It came out great. Maybe Tamarack can make that change for the future.

  3. Ryan Barth

    The air whistled around and under the door until I installed this air return. It has sufficient area to return air from three or four air inlets. It is very easy to install just cut a notch in the bottom of the door and then slide it in and insert two screws!

  4. Ryan Barth

    This is the third one that I have purchased. This installation took less than 15 minutes including door removal and re-installation. Looks great and provides the return air flow required for the room. I will be purchasing additional registers for other doors, Do not second guess this product.

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