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Whole House Fans • Return Air Pathways • Cape Backdraft Dampers

The primary reason for using a Whole House Fan is to reduce the use of air conditioning.  The Whole House Fan is turned on when the outside temperature is cooler than the inside. By pulling in fresh outside air and exhausting stale indoor air, you will save money and energy while making your indoor environment healthier.

Since 1993, Tamarack Ventilation has helped homeowners and contractors resolve cooling and indoor air quality issues by recommending an alternative to air conditioning.  We will help you determine the best solution for your specific home size and application.  By installing a Tamarack Whole House Fan, you will save money and improve your home's environment.

Our Whole House Fans have been featured on Ask This Old House several times.  The video will demonstrate the ease of installation, performance and quality that we are proud of.

We also manufacture a line of passive ventilation products.   Return Air Pathways - RAPs  are made in the USA and easy to install.  Used in both new construction and in retro-fit situations, RAPs are designed to allow your conditioned air to move from room to room and eliminate hot and cold spots that often occur when doors are closed.   Using RAPs will result in a more comfortable energy efficient environment. Learn more here: Return Air Pathways - RAPs

The Perfect Balance is a transfer grill designed to fit in the door. These are often used in bathroom doors and mechanical room doors for the purpose of allowing make up air to enter the room when the fan is on and the door is closed. This will reduce moisture problems and help eliminate mold and mildew build up.  Learn more here:  The Perfect Balance

RAPs and The Perfect Balance are both designed with a special core that reduces light and sound transfer through the wall or door.  Privacy is important and our passive air products are designed with that in mind.

All exhaust fans in a home should include a backdraft damper to eliminate the chance that outside air will come into the home when the fan is turned off.  Bath fans, range hoods and driers all need a backdraft damper.  The Cape Damper is very likely the best performing back draft damper in the market.  It is made in the USA and designed to eliminate all resistance to flow going out and closes down completely when air tries to come in.   Learn more at this link:  Cape Backdraft Damper info

Please call 1-800-222-5932 and speak to our knowledgeable customer service representatives.   We are here to advise you on finding the best solution to keep your home healthy.