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Whole House Fans • Return Air Pathways/Transfer Grilles • Cape Backdraft Dampers

Cool your home, bring in fresh air from outdoors and improve your indoor air quality with a Tamarack Whole House Fan. Since 1993, Tamarack Ventilation has helped homeowners and contractors resolve cooling and indoor air quality issues by recommending the best solution for their specific home size or application. A Tamarack Ventilation Whole House Fan will save you money by reducing your energy usage. By installing a Tamarack Whole House Fan, you will keep your home comfortable and healthy!

Our Passive line of ventilation products: Wall Transfer Grilles, Door Transfer Grilles, Cape Backdraft Dampers are Made in the USA, easy to install, and economical solutions to save energy in your home. Transfer Grilles allow your HVAC system to perform more efficiently and can reduce moisture, mold and mildew in your bathrooms.. Cape Dampers prevent outdoor air and moisture from entering the home through dryer vents, bathroom fan vents and range hoods saving money on Air Conditioning and Heating costs.

We are proud that our Whole House Fans have been featured on Whole House Fan on Ask This Old House several times based on the ease of installation, performance and quality manufacturing materials.

Please call 1-800-222-5932 and speak to one of knowledgeable customer service representatives to help you find the best solution to help you keep your home healthy for your family.