As we come into the winter months of 2022 / 2023, many of us are very concerned about the rising costs of energy.  And as a result of our recent experiences where many of us stayed home for extended periods of time, Indoor Air Quality is an issue at the tops of our minds.

Consider the fact that if you have a Fireplace, not only is it likely to be an attractive feature in your home, but it is also very likely to be the largest hole in your home.  Even with the damper in the closed position, fireplaces leak enormous amounts of air.  Sometimes the air rushes out and sometimes the air rushes in.  Stand near the fireplace on a windy day, or on a day where the outside and inside temperatures are very different - you will feel the breeze.

Homes with fireplaces can save up to 30% of their heating costs by installing the Battic Door Fireplace Plug. The Battic Door Fireplace Plug is a quick way to keep air in your home that you have paid to condition. The Fireplace Plug is made in the USA and easy to install. It takes minutes to inflate the plastic pillow to the size of your chimney and seal the cavity. You will feel the difference as drafts are prevented from entering the living space.

Whether you are in a heating climate, a cooling climate, or both, you and your family will benefit from stopping air from traveling through the chimney.

The added benefit is that The Fireplace Plug will help stop pollutants from entering your home - thus improving the air you breathe.

The Fireplace Plug is sold in two sizes; one for rectangular chimneys and one for round chimneys. The Fireplace Plug is on sale for only $54.95 and can be purchased on

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