It has been one challenging and crazy year. We have had to adapt to a whole new way of life and change many habits during the pandemic.  As we turn the corner to the fall season, we must also prepare for the cooler winter months ahead.

One of the easiest ways to save energy during the winter months is to insulate and weatherstrip your home. With utility costs remaining high, every step you take to save energy and stop heat from escaping your home can be a worthwhile investment.

Homes with fireplaces can save up to 30% of their heating costs by installing the Battic door Fireplace Plug. The Battic Door Fireplace Plug is an economical way to block your warm comfortable air from leaking out the chimney. The Fireplace Plug is made in the USA and easy to install. It takes minutes to inflate the plastic pillow to the size of your chimney and seal the cavity. You will feel the difference, the cold air drafts are prevented from entering the living space.

The Fireplace Plug is sold in two sizes; one for rectangular chimneys and one for round chimneys. The Fireplace Plug is on sale for only $54.95 and can be purchased on

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