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"We purchased a HV1600-GDR in May, 2010, and have been very pleased with its performance. Our builder installed the fan as part of the terms for our new home contract. The fan is so much quieter than previous models that I installed myself--I sometimes forget that it is on. During the coldest days of winter we feel no draft from the ceiling-mounted unit. The RF remote control is very handy, too. If I could calculate how much money I saved in SW Ohio by not having to use my AC when the night temperatures drop, I'm sure the fan has paid for itself."
-Cliff D., Ohio

"Hello, I purchased one of your whole house fans back around 2000. Just wanted to let you know that it is still working great and is used a lot, most every night in Summer. I remember it costing around $350 and thinking it was very pricey but now consider it a great investment. Thanks for a great product."
- John M., Chico CA.

"Why I waited 15 years + to put in a whole house fan I don't know. Easy DIY install, did mine over two evenings. Works Great, I highly recommend the Ghost Whole House Ventilator, Kudos to Tamarack Technologies."
- Patrick K., Newton NJ.

"I received your letter with the delivery of my HV1600 fan. I thought I would contact you and share my history with Tamarack products. The first product I purchased was the HV3400 R38 Ghost in 2003 and installed it in my home in Lubbock, Texas. I was stunned at the difference a whole house fan could make in cooling a home. I recalled the old attic fans that were placed in homes many years ago before refrigerated air, and what I recall is that they were not efficient. Because I was so pleased with the performance of the Ghost, I purchased a second HV3400 R38 Ghost in 2007 for my home in Dallas, Texas. I now have moved to Kentucky, and although my attic configuration would not allow for installing the HV3400 Ghost, I have purchased the HV1600 to install in my home there. I am sure that I will once again be pleased with the results. I tell everyone I know, and especially those constructing new homes, that a Tamarack whole house fan is a must. "
Todd W., Ph.D., Georgetown, KY.

"Clever, Efficient Design" (HV1600)
- Nancy B., Clyde Hill, WA.

"Great Fan !!" (HV1600)
- Gordon M., West Hills, CA.

"Excellent Service" (HV1600)
- Thomas K., Stockton, CA.

"Nice Investment!!!"(HV1600)
- Linda W., Roseville, CA.

"Great Product" (HV1600)
- Jorg B., Rancho Cordova, CA.

"Good Stuff!" (HV1600)
- Paul W., Simi Valley CA.

"My wife and I wanted to install a whole house fan for some time. After doing some research on the internet, I contacted Tamarack and spoke to David, who was very helpful. He answered my questions honestly and did not try to steer me toward another more expensive unit. Another plus, I was dealing with a company located and manufacturing its products in the United States"
- Bruce M., Riverside CA.

"Works Great! (HV1000 w/remote) so simple to install with the remote and no extra wiring"
-Chris R., Santa Barbara, CA.

" It's (HV3400 Ghost) The King!. It works, easy to install and my customers love it!"
- Phil G., Colorado Springs, CO.

" Well built, easy to install (HV3400)."
- Wayne B., Colorado Springs, CO.

"Love my fan (HV1000), it has helped cool my garage where my ice machine is."
- Jerry M., Birmingham, AL. 

" Easy to install (Inf  1100) Works very well."
- Floyd D., Athens, GA.

"Very  pleased, Works well" (HV1600)
- Bruce S., Colorado Springs, CO.

"Works Great" (HV1600)
- Phil Q., Angles Camp, CA.

"Great fan, We love it!" (HV1600)
- Walter P., Winchester, MO.

"Works wonderful!" (Mainstream)
- Mary E., Anchorage, AK.

"Works great!, Very quiet and efficient" (HV1600)
- Randy B., Gilroy, CA.

"Too easy to install" (HV1000)
- Frank L., Roseville, IL.

" Works Great" (HV1000)
- Timothy I., Colorado Springs, CO.

"Easy vertical installation (HV1000) :>)"
- Kevin M., Mission Viejo, CA.

"Amy and I just finished installing our HV1000. It is everything we could have wanted from a whole house attic fan. Lightweight, easy to install and fully insulated. We replaced an antiquated and loud "airplane propeller" attic fan with the HV1000. Thank goodness.  No more going up in the attic twice each year to pull out and install fiberglass batt insulation because the old fan wasn't insulated at all. With the HV1000, all we had to do was build a wooden frame box out of lumber in the ceiling and drop in in....that easy. Thanks so much, keep up the great work. We Love It!"
- Amy & Chuck P., Shiloh, IL.

(HV1600) "What a fabulous product!"
- Ellen S., Poway, CA. 

"Great customer service, it's (HV1600) quiet" -
Tom C., Fort Collins, CO.

" I just installed the HV1000. What a wonderful thing. Its' little fans really move air. It's Great!. I was going to buy a cheaper whole house fan but I'm glad I waited to install this one. This will definitely cut down on my a/c use. Thanks for a great product".
- Scott M., Chicago, IL.

" Awesome, great results with air exchange so fast!"
- Larry E., Sparta TN.

"I saw this fan (HV1600) on Ask This Old House and spoke with Josh (contractor) about getting it and installing it. I think it is great!"
- Jo-Marie, Hamilton, PA.

" Easy to install (HV1600) & worked right out of the box!"
- David F., Stockton, CA.

" We bought the HV1000 to replace an old and noisy whole house fan after watching This Old House and reviewing your website. The information was so complete that making our decision was a snap. The product arrived soon after we bought it and the installation was quick and easy. Thank you so much for a great alternative to air conditioning on those evenings when the temperature cools outdoors."
- David D., Lexington, KY.

" Very Easy Installation (HV1600)"
- Scott S., River Edge, NJ.

"They were extremely helpful. Very kind. I called several times with questions. They were so nice every time I called. Thank you so much for being so nice! I am so glad I found you! Thank you for Excellent Customer Service!!!"
- Danielle C. Gurnie, IL.

"Installed well (HV1600) vertically in the 3rd story skylight shaft"
- Tom S., Seattle WA.

 "Easy to install, Great quality, Works great, thanks"
- Robert M., New Durham, NH.

"Made in America, Thank you!"
- Dan A., Seattle WA.

" We love this fan!"
- Todd H., Boulder CO.

" I would like to tell you what a super efficient product the HV1600 is. It brings in the outside air at night and cools both the home and my attic"
- Fred S., Alpine, CA.

" First, the whole house fan works great! My whole house is cooler now than it has ever been. The features of my unit (HV1600) with the RF remote, allows me to control the fan from my bedroom or downstairs. Please have your customers who don't quite believe this, call me"
- Mike A., Canadensis, PA" 

"Perfect for our home, better than A/C !"
- William B., North Knox, IN.

"Second one in new home-Great product with Great service and tech support"
- Linda & Michael D., Las Vegas, NV.

"Love the product !"
- Raymond S., Upland, CA.

"Works GREAT!"
- Robert M., Woodridge, Il.

 "We put two HV1000 fans in our 2,300 square foot home to run at different times. The installation was simple and quick and the fans work great!"
- Bob, Bakersfield, CA.

"We love our fan so much, my wife had us purchase one for her parents"
- Michael O., Avon, IN.

"Your company was great to call us as we didn't realize we mistakenly ordered two "
- Bruce D., St. Louis, MO.

"I wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. Our weather in Michigan is perfect for these fans!"
- Rick I., Albion MI.

"Love your fans, we have been happy ever since we put one in the house"
- David H., Ashland, KY.

"Our Air Quality is much better"
- William S. Appleton, WI.

"We finally moved back into our remodeled home where we installed a Tamarack vertical whole house fan in the skylight area over our stairs and WE LOVE IT! It's quiet, energy efficient and does a great job of moving the air."
-  Ted C., Burlingame CA.

"The Ghost® fan went in without a hitch and has made my house more comfortable than ever!"
- Martha L., Temecula, CA.

"Very Quiet fan the contractor loved it"
- Monica M., San Diego CA.

"The HV was easy to install, cools the house and the remote works great"
- James G. Port Orchard, WA.

"I appreciate your focus on your customer! I love your fans....we have two of them!"
- Don N., Londonderry, NH.

"Easy Installation, very satisfied with the transition from A/C to a fan."
- Jeffrey M., San Diego, CA.

"During the windy winter months, the Cape Damper continues to perform with no clanging sounds"
- Sara A. Anchorage, AK.

"Wonderful Product" (HV-1600)
- Steve L., Enid, OK.

"I love the HV-1600 fan  and I've been showing it off to friends"
- James M., Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

"Just wanted to drop a note to say Thank You! For excellent tech support, sales and shipping.  Absolutely nothing went awry. Excellent product! Works like a charm does what you all said it would, and is quieter than I thought, even at high speed. Both of us are amazed at how well it works to remove old, hot air from the house and bringing in fresh outside air.  We also used the Plenum Riser which I'm sure  helps with noise reduction.  Very pleased! Thank you for a great product!"

"Great piece of equipment"
- Larry P., OK.

"Prompt Delivery (HV 1600)! Thanks"
-Dayton E., CT

"HV 1000 R38 Love It!"
- Jeff L., Denver CO. 

" HV1600 R38 Works Great!"
- Steven F.,-St. Joseph MO.

"Easy purchase/ Easy Installation (HV1600)"
-David R., Hercules CA.

"(Quiet Californian 2000) Great product!"
-Richard G., Columbus OH.

"HV1000 Great Fan!"
- Barry F., Ione CA

"This is our second Tamarack Whole House Fan. We love them!"- (HV3400 R50)
- Nick H., 

"The "This Old House" Episode featuring your fans sold me on the HV1000!"
- Santiago P., Boise ID.

"Works Beautifully HV1000 R50! What I wanted."
-David D., London Canada.

"Love My Tamarack Whole House Fan! I recommend it whenever I have the chance!"
-Jo S.

"Easy to install, good customer service when original unit was flawed. Quick replacement. 'This Old House' was the reason I purchased this model."                                                                                    -John and Kerry D. 

"Works very well...Very satisfied. You are fantastic to work with and I appreciate you all." 

-Clint N. 

"My power gable vent works great paired with my gable fan. The temperature dropped 20 degrees in my attic. Compared to my fixed gable vent. The shipping was very fast as well. "

-Jason D. 

"I have owned an HV1000/HV1600 Gold whole house fan since the mid-90s. I installed it myself. It has never failed me. I have Chosen to purchase a replacement as it is only beginning to exhibit some signs of all the service it has flawlessly provided. The efficiency of these units is self-evident. I have avoided the cost of buying air conditioning for all these years. A great product!" 

-Bill M., Scotts Valley, CA

"It's so quiet on low speed and a remote option is good. (HV1400) It's 88 degrees outside, it is 69 degrees upstairs and 68 degrees downstairs. We've definitely reduced mechanical A/C run time AKA power consumption." 

-Bill C., Meridian, ID 

"Thank you for you help and prompt service.  I really find your product excellent and believe that there is a viable market for you in Canada especially with temperature increase, climate change and the cost of cooling!"

- Geoff Claydon., Ontario, Canada

Source: Comments from product registration cards