Smart Whole House Fans

Tamarack wi-fi whole house fans now compatible with voice assistant devices

Tamarack Wi-Fi Whole House Fans are compatible with Amazon smart home devices, Google smart home devices, smartphones and tablets.

Do you currently own a Tamarack whole house fan model that is not Wi-Fi compatible? Give us a call to upgrade today and start enjoying the convenience of operating your fan the modern way.


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About Our Smart Whole House Fans

Tamarack’s Smart Whole House Fans offer the added convenience of app and voice assistant operation. Like the original remote-operated models, these powerful fans mount in the attic and rapidly cool your entire home. For a fraction of the cost of air conditioning, these fans cool using fresh, outside air. They push hot, stale air out through attic vents or gables while pulling cool, fresh air in through open windows.

Tamarack Whole House Fans are unlike any other brand on the market because of their unique design and features. Insulted doors seal automatically when not in use, preventing cool air from making its way into your attic between uses. Additionally, the insulated doors prevent heat loss through the attic during cooler months. Our whole house fans come in different sizes/strengths and insulation values to accommodate the varying needs of our customers.