Proper ventilation means a healthier, more comfortable home

If you’ve ever watched new homes going up, at a given point in the process you’ll notice the house being wrapped tightly in what appears to be a giant plastic bag. In construction jargon, the house is being built ‘tight to the weather,’ which means it can stand up to weather extremes while keeping homeowners safe and comfortable inside.

However, there is one drawback to these weather tight homes: They lose their ability to ‘breathe.’ While it may seem like an odd concept, a home’s ability to breathe is crucial to the health and comfort of its occupants, and the efficiency of its heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems.

When air flows properly through a home, the HVAC system works at peak efficiency and costs you less to run. This is where a whole house fan can make a big difference.

bay area whole house fansMost whole house fans draw in fresh air through open windows, pushing stale air into the attic. Nothing fancy, but very helpful to the home’s ability to ventilate properly.

Whbay area whole house fansole house fans such as the HV1600 from Tamarack Technologies can ventilate an entire home up to 2,000 square feet in size. Its self-sealing insulated doors are unique to the industry and when closed in the winter they minimize cold air flow into the home.

The Infinity is another of the company’s unique ‘ventilation solutions’, allowing homeowners and builders to custom design a ventilation system for any living space in the home. Where it’s placed, whether or not it uses duct work, and how its two fans are deployed means that – as the name implies – there are almost an infinite number of possibilities to help facilitate healthy air flow throughout the house. And, by adding Wi-Fi capability, the new Infinity iFan allows homeowners to keep windows closed while circulating fresh air, thus eliminating security concerns about leaving windows open at night.

bay area whole house fansA whole house fan offers the ultimate ventilation advantage as its primary function but it also provides alternative cooling. When outside temperatures are ten degrees cooler than a home’s inside air, a whole house fan can be used instead of an air conditioner for just pennies a day in energy costs.

Whole house fans have come a long way in the past few decades from the noisy, clunky fans your grandparents had in their home to the whisper quiet fans of today.

bay area whole house fansProgress continues. Soon, homeowners will be able to operate their whole house fans remotely using an iPhone or Android-based smartphone when Tamarack Technologies
launches its upcoming new iFan app and Wi-Fi-enabled whole house fan line.