Why replace your air conditioner with a whole house fan?

Top 7 Reasons to consider a whole house fan

1.Health concerns A tightly constructed home traps toxic air which can lead to serious health issues. A whole house fan moves unhealthy air out of the house.

2.Cost. A whole house fan can run day and night for pennies.

3.Refreshed air vs. re-circulated air. A house needs to breathe. A whole house fan allows it to do so; an air conditioner doesn’t.

4.Allergies. Many people with allergies can’t tolerate an air-conditioned environment.

5.Aesthetics. A whole house fan sits unseen in an attic or utility closet.

6.Noise. Our modern whole house fans do their work quietly and efficiently.

7. ‘Natural’ temperature relief. Alterative cooling brings in outside air to cool your home without the negative effects of air conditioning.