Why You Should Care About HERS Ratings and How Tamarack Technologies Can Help.

 HERS Rating and Why You Should Care!

How Tamarack Technologies, Inc. Can help improve your Home.

Why should you care about HERS Ratings?

Enables Comparison Shopping

Home Buyers can tell at a glance about a home’s energy performance allowing for a better informed decision when choosing a home.

Better Quality of Life

Homes with low HERS ratings scores are more environmentally friendly, offer better home comfort and have lower utility costs.

Lower Mortgage Default Risks 

Mortgage Default risks are lower on Energy Star Labeled homes with lower HERS Index scores than on normal standard homes.

Helps Save Your Hard Earned Money

The energy performance of HERS-Rated energy efficient home is superior to a normal home, which translates into lower utility bills. Homes also have a ROI Investment.

All of these factors indicate why HERS Rated Homes Are Better!

Only 22% of homes are HERS rated which makes it stand out in a Sellers and Buyers Markets!

How Tamarack Products Assist with Improving Energy Star Ratings and HERS Score

Whole House Fans

Alternative Indoor Cooling Method

A Whole House Fan replaces stale warm air with fresh outside air.

Saves you on Energy Costs

Cuts A/C Cost up to 90%

Quick and Easy to install

Only Brand with self-sealing R38 and R50 Doors

Made in the USA

Maintenance Free

3 Year Product Warranty

Transfer Grilles Indoor and Walls

(RAPS) Tamarack Technologies Patented Product

Otherwise known as Return Air Pathways

Door and Wall mounted Transfer Grilles help HVAC systems by:

Resolving Pressure Imbalances

Reducing Light and SoundTransference

Improving Room to Room Air Flow

Improves in Home Air Quality

Tamarack has the knowledge and products for the betterment of any home!