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Product Videos

ask this old houseTamarack products can be seen on Ask This Old House, All of the following videos can also be viewed separately on their respective product pages

Product Video: Our Product Overview of Everything Manufactured at Tamarack Technologies

Meet Professor Tommy Tamarack, our Expert in Residential Cooling Solutions

HV1600 Whole House Fan Installation Video

Click on the Ghost Whole House Fan to see operation and installation

Watch the Infinity 2,200 Ducted Whole House Fan and the Infinite ways it will refresh, cool, and provide your home with year round ventilation

STOP- COLD AIR from entering through the Bath, Kitchen range or clothes dryer exhaust, see the Cape Damper in ACTION! Includes video from as seen on the Today Show

Remove hot and cold spots from your home by Installing The Perfect Balance Interior Door transfer grille. Mitigates noise, light, meets Energy Star and ASHRAE building code. Videos featuring Door Return Air Pathways and Install Video

Use our Wall Return Air Pathway (RAP) transfer grilles, designed and built to provide maximum air flow between rooms, regulating temperature changes while mitigating noise and light. Video Features how to Install our Wall RAP

To help prevent mold in your bathroom, use the Airetrak control to keep the air moving by using it to program your bathroom ventilation fan

Purchase a Dragon Garage Fan to combat toxins, smells and extreme temperature differences in your garage. Helps prevent mold, mildew and noxious fumes

Energy Vanguard Perfect Balance In-door Return Air Pathway Video: