Indoor Air Quality and Health August 2020

Woman Relaxing in Home with Healthy Fresh Air in Home Comfort and

Indoor air quality and health risks There seems to be no slow-down of the Corona Virus in the United States. Recent surges in cases, deaths in the Southern States has the entire country concerned and rightfully so. Continued lockdowns lead to more and more Americans spending most of their time at home. In the South, …

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Airflow and Health

Covid Image Airflow IAQ and Heatlh Tamarack Ventilation Solutions for Proper Air Flow

Airflow Study  During this worldwide pandemic, we are all spending more time than ever in our homes. One interesting article Tamarack would like to share is related to the CoVid-19 virus and how indoor building and home air can give viruses more ways to infect people. They mentioned close interaction with coworkers and family, touching …

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