Airflow and Health

Airflow Study 

During this worldwide pandemic, we are all spending more time than ever in our homes. One interesting article Tamarack would like to share is related to the CoVid-19 virus and how indoor building and home air can give viruses more ways to infect people. They mentioned close interaction with coworkers and family, touching surfaces and breathing in contaminated air that is contained in the working/living spaces we occupy daily.

The experts in Health and Microbiology at the University of Oregon and University of California Davis made recommendations based on germ studies from the SARS and COVID-2 viruses. They looked at how a building or home is ventilated and how that affects which microbes are present. They determined that outside air and sunlight impact the viability of germs. Both air and sunlight could reduce the bacteria and the risk of the virus in an indoor setting.

Exhaust and Airflow Solutions

The Whole House Fan may be the solution to bringing fresh air into your home. Whole House Fans are designed to exhaust out the polluted indoor air in homes. They remove VOC’s and can help prevent moisture, prevent mold, prevent mildew buildup and help eliminate odors by replacing the indoor air with fresh air through open windows in the home. These units come in a variety of designs and CFM capabilities. The square footage and construction of your home will determine the best solution for the correct fan size. Air Exchanges are key to reducing disease transmission by diluting the number of virus particles indoors.  A Whole House Fan Exchanges air in your homes based on the living space square footage, the average ceiling height and the CFM of the Fan. Your home's layout and the amount of makeup air I.E open windows to the units is also something to consider along with having the proper amount of attic venting for the fans to perform at their best.

Tamarack Technologies, a Massachusetts Manufacturer has a complete selection of Whole House Fans. Tamarack has a fan finder and fan size chart tool to help you size a Whole House Fan for your home based on Square Footage. They also offer superior tech support at 800-222-5932 to help you find the best fan solution for your home. Their units are easy to install on attic joists and offer remote control and Wi-Fi capable models.

The current pandemic and the shelter in place mandates means we are spending even more time in our homes. It also has makes us think more about the indoor air we are breathing. If germs, bacteria and compromised air quality in your home are a concern, you should consider a Whole House Fan.

Another simple solution is Tamarack’s Transfer Grilles/ Return Air Pathways for interior air balancing solutions for bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, home offices, and more which allow airflow to properly flow throughout the home back to the air handler. They are BPI listed and help improve airflow from room to room. They are a cost-effective alternative to jump ducts. The wall return air pathways/ Transfer Grilles come as a complete kit with grilles, baffle material and a telescoping metal sleeve for installation after drywall has gone up or for the perfect remodeling project.  The Perfect Balance is a door vent for direct easy installation in the standard 1 3/8 interior hollow core door. Both the Wall Return Air Pathway/ Transfer Grilles and the Perfect Balance are Made in the USA.

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Let Tamarack help you find the right solution to help you breathe easier at home during this difficult time. Call 1-800-222-5932 and speak with a friendly knowledgeable product specialist to help find the right solutions for your IAQ needs.