Indoor Air Quality and Health


During this challenging time in our history, we are all reminded of how are health is our most important asset. Without it we could never enjoy what life has to offer and it has reminded us not to take it for granted. Many Americans are struggling with either a contagious virus.  With our limited capabilities to enjoy our favorite activities during this unprecedented time. We should stop and think about the courageous efforts everyone associated with healthcare and healthcare support are dealing with to help all of us through this crisis. Bless those who are sacrificing so much for the good of all.

Most Americans are staying home, working, attending online classes, taking care of their children. There is no place like home, taking out the old board games, watching our favorite TV series again or refining our cooking skills.

Indoor Air Quality Pollutants

Since we are spending over 90% of our time at home a healthy home is essential. Poor indoor air quality can cause health problems. Indoor air pollutants include moisture, mildew, VOC’s from perfume and cleaning products, pet dander and dust, cleaning and cooking devices. Most of these pollutants can’t be seen. Ventilating these out of your home With Tamarack exhaust fans for the bathroom, living space and garage (with its own toxic soup of air) will help improve indoor air quality.

Tamarack ventilation products he; indoor air quality solutions at your fingertips

Tamarack ventilation products indoor air quality solutions at your fingertips.

There are some solutions in the market for eliminating the poisons in our homes. Purchasing a bathroom fan can eliminate moisture and mildew from the bathroom when showering and washing up too. Delta makes a great line of bathroom fans with direct drive motors. A Door Return Air Pathway installed in the bathroom door can allow airflow into the bathroom to ensure the bath fan is operating at it’s potential.  The Whole House Fan is a device that effectively removes the stale and polluted air in the house and replaces it with fresh outdoor air when the windows in the home are open. The Tamarack Technologies fans have been in the market for over 25 years and are made of the sturdiest materials.

Tamarack Ventilation Solutions

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These are some ideas to help you reduce the health risk and improve the air in the home you are spending most of your time indoors during this pandemic. Stay healthy.