Solar Panels + Tamarack Whole House Fans… A Powerful Pair.

It’s that time of year. Warm days lead to cool nights, and cool nights lead to welcomed savings on our energy bills. When the sun goes down in the evenings, many of us have the opportunity to turn off our AC and cool our homes using the best kind of air – fresh, fall air. And after continuously running our air conditioners all summer, who doesn’t love that satisfying feeling of opening a few windows for the first time in months?

By cooling the home using outside air, modern whole house fans offer energy conscious home owners an inexpensive and efficient alternative to air conditioning. In fact, when the outside conditions are right, whole house fans will quickly cool an entire home for a fraction of the cost, using a fraction of the energy.

Today’s modern consumer cares about their energy consumption and recognizes the benefits of energy conservation. Conveniently, energy saved translates to money saved, making it a win-win for our planet and our pocketbooks. For this reason, it’s no surprise that the number of home owners utilizing solar panels for energy is on the rise. The efficiency and affordability of using a whole house fan for cooling makes it a logical addition to a home that’s already reaping the benefits solar energy. While solar panels are powered by our giant free energy source in the sky, whole house fans maximize your savings using another free, readily available cooling source right outside your window.

Pairing Your Solar Panels with a Tamarack Whole House Fan

Tamarack Technologies has been a trusted leader in the ventilation industry for more than 25 years and offers a superb lineup of highly efficient, easy-to-install whole house fans designed to replace or supplement costly air conditioning. Our line of HV model fans are the only whole house fans on the market featuring unique insulated doors that close automatically when the fan is turned off. This prevents heat loss through the attic during the winter months and keeps cool air from escaping during warmer months. Offered in a wide variety of models and sizes, Tamarack fans move air at rates ranging from 1,000 CFM all the way up to 6,700 CFM. This allows home owners to select a fan that’s sized perfectly for their home and never uses more energy than it needs to.

Whether you’re already using solar panels, considering adding them in the future, or simply exploring new ways to reduce your energy usage and lower your energy bill, a Tamarack whole house fan is a smart, simple and affordable investment in your home, your health, and the future.

Nelson Warner, VP of Research & Development

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