Tamarack Indoor Air Quality Tips For Winter

  1. Tamarack HV1600 Whole House Fans with insulated doors draw in clean, fresh outside air into your home. Great for cooling your home in the summer and refreshing your homes air in the winter.
  2. Whole House Fans do double duty, not only do they cool the home they exhaust hot humid air from your attic preventing mold buildup.
  3. Installing Return Air Pathways/Transfer Grilles promote even air flow throughout the home, eliminating hot and cold spots and increasing your homes energy efficiency.
  4. Return Air Pathways/Transfer Grilles when installed in a bathroom can reduce mold and mildew buildup by providing the bathroom fan with much needed make up air required to exhaust the humidity.
  5. Maintain privacy, quiet and temperature levels with a Wall Return Air Pathway/Transfer Grille.
  6. Having a powerful range hood to exhaust all toxic byproducts from cooking.
  7. Cape Backdraft Dampers are perfect for stopping backdrafts in range hoods.
  8. Dragon Garage Fans will exhaust automotive chemical and toxic fumes that can reenter the home.
  9. Whole House Fans can be used for year-round ventilation to exhaust cooking smells, pet odors and stale air from your living space.
  10. Cape Backdraft Dampers prevent cold air from entering your home via your dryer duct.