Spring For Better Indoor Air

Family Spring Cleaning


Spring is the perfect season to declutter and rejuvenate your household. Annually about 60% of American households go through a deep clean in spring.  Mainly to remove clutter, allergy triggers and help prevent the spread of sickness as the season's change. As winter draws to a close it’s time to think about ventilation solutions heading into the spring season!

The main rooms of concern begin with bathrooms, kitchens then the living room and bedrooms. However, Tamarack Technologies, Inc. has solutions for the whole home. Tamarack Technologies offers a slew of ventilation solutions that are easy to install and budget friendly.

Ventilation Solution Tips

Ventilation Solution One

Tamarack Whole House Fans help ventilate your home to refresh it as you complete that dreaded spring-cleaning checklist.  They also help you save on air conditioning costs during the dreaded warmer months especially heading into summer.

Ventilation Solution Two

The Tamarack CapeBreez Window Fan in addition to installing a Tamarack Whole House Fan helps ventilate the bedroom and living spaces to prevent those nasty spring allergens from entering into your home with a powerful MERV Filter.

Secondly, the Capebreez is the perfect window fan to help new babies breathe easy in their nurseries. Asthma and allergy sufferers should check out the reasons why a CapeBreez is the best product for the family to breathe easy in their home. 1 in 13 people in us (25 million people) suffers from asthma according to cdc.gov. Allowing for better indoor air quality is a must to keep healthy indoor air circulating throughout a home.

Ventilation Solution Three

The safety of a home is also another thing to consider heading into spring. Tamarack recommends taking the time to inspect your dryer and HVAC vents. Cleaning them annually is a must to prevent fires. The Tamarack Cape Backdraft Damper keeps cold or humid air from entering the home via bath fans, dryer vents and kitchen range hoods causing your central air or air conditioning systems to work harder.

Ventilation Solution Four

Efficiency is the key when it comes to improving a home's indoor air quality. Balancing the airflow in your home with Tamarack Transfer Grilles/Return Air Pathways will help remove hot and cold spots. A Tamarack Door Vent or Wall Vent also allow your central air system to work more efficiently saving money.

Ventilation Solution Five

Finally cannot forget the garage! Wither it utilized as man cave storage space and or shelter for your vehicle. Tamarack Dragon Garage Fans help ventilate that garage as you declutter and organize that as a part of the spring cleaning process. Making sure the garage has clean air is very important. Any toxic buildup in there can lead to those toxins seeping into your living quarters and affecting your family!