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Handyman Matters new Qualified Installer

Tamarack Technologies, Inc. is proud to be partnering with Handyman Matters, the well-known, full-service home improvement and maintenance company serving home owners from coast to coast. Driven by quality craftsmanship, superior service and pride in their work, the reputable franchise guarantees their customers’ satisfaction. They go to extensive lengths to ensure each project is executed …

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Think Winter

Have your heating system cleaned now while your HVAC professional is less busy. Install weather stripping around your doors and windows. Balance the airflow in your home so your heating system operates at peak efficiency. Return Air Pathways either over doors or placed in doors will help. https://www.energyvanguard.com/blog/easy-retrofit-return-air-bedrooms http://www.bpi.org/product-listing#Indoor Air Quality Clean or replace your …

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Why You Should Care About HERS Ratings and How Tamarack Technologies Can Help.

 HERS Rating and Why You Should Care! How Tamarack Technologies, Inc. Can help improve your Home. Why should you care about HERS Ratings? Enables Comparison Shopping Home Buyers can tell at a glance about a home’s energy performance allowing for a better informed decision when choosing a home. Better Quality of Life Homes with low …

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