Central A/C Vent Covers

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Winterizing your home? Stop drafts from coming into your home through your central air conditioning systems.

Save energy by sealing your ducts!

5 sizes available.

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Central A/C Vent Covers stop the cold drafts from coming into your home or office through central A/C vents. Vent covers include a rubber gasket to seal vents, registers and associated ductwork from contaminants, moisture, construction dust, mold, fungi, and stop heat loss from cold drafts. Durable and reusable, they will last years.

Central A/C Vent Covers utilize a patent-pending fastening system that works on any grille material, including wood, metal, aluminum, or plastic, and include a two-part foam with different compression ratios that will contour to uneven surfaces. The covers are made of recycled PET, a common, recyclable plastic. The covers are durable, reusable and will last many years.

Central A/C Vent Covers have been tested and approved by American Energy Audit for sealing HVAC system vents and ductwork for air leak tests using positive air pressure at 25 CFM.

Central A/C Vent Covers come in five sizes that fit most residential and commercial registers/vents/grilles. See “Sizing Guide” for more.


  • Improves the comfort of your home
  • Seals better than any magnetic cover
  • Locks out icy drafts and keeps in heated air
  • Save on your heating bills
  • Low cost – quick payback
  • Quick and easy install (no tools required)
  • Seal off unused rooms year-round


All Central A/C Vent Covers fit grilles of up 2 inches in depth and include a foam gasket and fastening system

12 x 12 – Fits square registers up to 12” x 12”
14 x 14 – Fits square registers up to 14” x 14”
16 x 08 – Fits rectangular registers up to 16” x 8″
18 x 18 – Fits square registers up to 18” x 18”
24 x 24 – Fits square registers up to 24” x 24”


ac draftshield package contents

  1. Select appropriate Lanyard for the grill to be covered and install as follows:
    1. A. For single-hook installations connect the hook as shown in image (A), keeping the hook as close to the center as possible so that it lines up with the hole in the Shield. Use the grill mounting screws (pointer in picture A) in the vent cover to center the hook.
    2. For double hook installation, connect one
      Lanyard hook to each of the opposite sides of the grill’s center panel and draw the Lanyard tight locking the hooks in position as shown in image (B). Use the grill mounting screws (pointer in picture B) screws in the vent cover to center the hook.
  2. Insert the end of the Lanyard through the center hole of the Shield and then insert the Ball Lock on the end of the Lanyard as shown in image (C). Slide the Ball Lock up against the Shield making sure that the Shield is adjusted to cover the entire grill.
  3. Make sure the Ball Lock is snug and slip the end of the lanyard into the remaining hole on the Shield to keep it out of sight.

Note: If the grill being covered is against a wall or ceiling corner, the flange on the edge of the Shield touching the corner must be trimmed to permit the Shield to fit properly.



Air Duct Cleaning Equipment 

Used in remodeling, floor sanding, and other renovation projects to keep excess dust and debris from getting into the HVAC system. With a tight seal, the Central A/C  Vent Covers and Ceiling Covers are more effective than using disposable materials like cardboard and tape. These can also be used on residential and commercial jobs. They are easily stored as they can nest into one another.  These not only save a homeowner money by stopping heat from leaking out of the living space and preventing cold drafts from entering into the homes. The Central A/C Vent Covers serve the same purpose for commercial offices. They also save time and money for contractors.

AC Duct Cleaning and Energy Audits

Energy Audit professionals use the Central A/C Vent Covers to cover air ducts and grills

Winterizing Your Home With Ceiling Vent Covers

The hot air produced by heating systems in fall/winter lose thermal values of 30% or more through the central air duct system. Heated air rises, and is drawn through unsealed central air conditioning vents into the ductwork in the cold attic. Central air vent covers will block cold drafts. 

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  1. Tamarack Technologies Inc

    It is so great to deal with an online company like yours. I installed the vent covers last night and it took me about 30 minutes to install all 9 vents covers. It was so easy to do and was exactly as advertised. It is what we wanted and now there are no more drafts. Great product and you have my endorsement. I would recommend this product and your company to anybody. – Rich A.

  2. Tamarack Technologies Inc

    Thanks so much for your vent covers, we are noticing a big difference in our draft problem. I’m promoting this product as much as I can. -Shirley F. – CT

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