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Cut Sheet – Fireplace Plug

For Brick Fireboxes (Chimneys) – adjustable up to – 38 inches X 16 inches

Save energy with this affordable and easy to install product.  Proudly made in the USA.

The Problem:   Fireplaces are often the largest source of energy loss in your home.  Chimneys often allow cold drafts into your living space in the winter and hot, humid air in the summer that you are paying to air condition. When not in use, an improperly sealed fireplace will allow heat and A/C to exit your home.  Even with the damper closed, up to 20% of the heat or A/C in your home may be leaking out through your chimney.  This may create an uncomfortable home environment and cost you more for energy than necessary.

The Solution: The Fireplace Plug will greatly reduce these energy-wasting cycles and down-drafting, not only saving you money but making your family more comfortable. Proudly manufactured in the USA using a proprietary 14 ml. polyurethane material, the Fireplace Plug is extremely durable. The material is specially formulated to resist pinholes from rough surfaces and performs well under extreme weather conditions.  The Fireplace Plug is fully adjustable, simply inflate the balloon to the exact size of your fireplace which completely seals the opening.

The Fireplace Plug is easy to install,  is removable and reusable. Elastic loops attach the telescoping prop device to the Fireplace Plug ensuring easy installation. The prop allows you to position the Fireplace Plug without having to touch the sooty fireplace interior.



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Instruction Sheet – Fire Place Plug


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