Whole House Fan Insulated Shutter Seals and Covers


The Battic Door Whole House Fan Shutter Seal is an energy-saving product that is made in the USA.  It is designed to reduce air leakage through the existing whole house fan shutter and can be used to seal AC supply and return ports.
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The Battic Door Whole House Fan Insulated Shutter Seals are an energy-saving insulating seal used during the time when your ventilation system is not in use. By reducing air-leakage through the whole house attic fan opening, you will save on energy costs.  This product is easy to install over the fan louver from the finished side – no need to enter the attic..   Install in the fall and remove in the spring.

Reducing the amount of heat and moisture leaking into your attic is an important and effective way to avoid ice dams and mold build up.

With a reflective backing, this product can be used during the summer months to keep heat in the attic and out of your cool space.

Each kit includes a supply of white foam (3/16 in., thick R-8) and white Velcro. The flat-white colored foam has a textured finish and blends in with the ceiling. The foam is a solid-core that trims easily with scissors – it cannot unravel and does not have any frayed edges.  Installation is easy and takes about 20 minutes – just measure the grill and trim with scissors to fit.

May also be used to cover and seal AC Vents and Returns!

Available in 3 sizes  – choose the size that is larger than your grill:

Small – fits up to 36″ x 48″ whole house fan ceiling shutters
Medium – fits up to 48″ x 48″ whole house fan ceiling shutters
Large – fits up to 48″ x 60″ whole house fan ceiling shutters

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The Battic© Door Whole House Attic Fan Shutter Seal works like a storm window for your whole house fan!

There are gaps around and between the shutter under your whole house fan! This is just like having an open window to the outdoors! In the cold winter your heat flows right out and cold air flows right in; and in the summer your air-conditioning flows right out and the heat flows right in!

The Battic© Door Whole House Attic Fan Shutter Seal covers and seals the Whole House Fan Shutter from the house side, in effect sealing off this area and blocking the transfer of air and moisture. It also helps to prevent the entry of noise, attic dust, pollutants, insulation, insects, and rodents into the living area from the attic through the whole house fan.

The Battic© Door Small Whole House Attic Fan Shutter Seal kit consists of a 36″ x 48″ piece of 3/16″ thick foam insulation. It is attached with velcro to the attic fan shutter from the house side, effectively limiting air leakage between the conditioned house and the unconditioned attic.

The Battic© Door Whole House Attic Fan Shutter Seal installs in minutes! Access into the attic is NOT required. The shutter seal is installed over the shutter at the start of the heating season, and removed at the end of the heating season, saving your energy costs 24/7

The insulation is made of a durable, attractive, non-toxic, white-colored, space-age foam, only 3/16″ thick, yet has an R-value of R-8. The foam air seals and insulates the attic fan, stopping heating and cooling loss and air leaks. The insulation is a Class A/Class 1 fire rated foam with superior thermal performance. No fiberglass – no itching.

Most shutters are aluminum and magnets will not stick to aluminum. We have experimented with magnetic tape. Magnetic tape is dark brown and will leave a dark brown strip on your ceiling that is unattractive. There are vinyl coated magnetic tapes available in white color. We have tested these extensively and we find them not strong enough to hold the foam pad in place, the pad falls off and you will find it on the floor. Furthermore the magnetic tapes are much more expensive adding unnecessary cost to the kits. Velcro is far superior to magnetic tape!


(1) Leave the Velcro “hook” and “loop” attached to itself so that the release liners are on opposite sides.
shutter seal install
(2) With both sides of the Velcro attached to itself, peel the release liner off of one side only and adhere it to the outer edges of the shutter. Trim as needed with scissors. Firmly rub the Velcro in to the shutter to get a good bond.
Shutter Seal installed
(3) Peel the opposite side of the release liner off. Attach the piece of insulation (silver side towards shutter) onto the Velcro, leaving an overhang on all four sides. Firmly rub the insulation in to the Velcro to get a good bond.

(4) Carefully remove the insulation and separate the Velcro so that one side of the Velcro is attached to the shutter and the other side of the Velcro is attached to the silver side of the insulation. Trim the insulation with scissors around the Velcro. Reinstall the insulation onto the shutter. Remove the insulation when fan is used.
Shutter seal warning label
(5)  Place warning label onto fan switch.






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