The “Muffler” Plenum Riser


This acoustic plenum box efficiently reduces the sound level of select Tamarack Whole House Fans. Its insulated, sound-absorbing frame raises HV1000, HV1600, QC2000, and QH2000 fan models 12 inches off the attic floor joists without the need for joist cutting. Learn more about the Muffler below.



The Muffler is an acoustic plenum box engineered to reduce fan sound level. The insulated, sound-absorbing frame is made of 20-gauge thick galvanized sheet metal. Installing a Muffler raises select whole house fan models 12 inches off the attic floor joists without the need for joist cutting. The Muffler is a great accessory for whole house fans in attics with blown-in insulation because they reduce fan sound level while providing more space between the fan and floor joists. They’re simple to assemble and install, but we’ve made it easy for our customers to find and choose a qualified professional to do the job for you. Click here to search for an installer in your area.

Made and assembled in the USA.

The Muffler is compatible with the following whole house fans:

HV1000 R38Smart HV1000 R38
HV1000 R50Smart HV1000 R50
HV1600 R38 & Smart HV1600 R38
HV1600 R50 & Smart HV1600 R50
Quiet Californian 2000
Quiet Hawaiian 2000

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Product Specs

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