Fireplace Draft Stopper Zero Clearance


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Metal Fireboxes – Small Draftstopper for Zero Clearance

The problem: Ten to 20 percent of warmed air from your home can be drawn into the chimney flue, passing around a rusted, stuck, or loose-fitting damper.

The round, or metal model, of the Fireplace Plug is designed for use in metal fireboxes (ie: zero-clearance). If you are not sure which model is right for your fireplace, use a flashlight to ensure whether your damper is circular or rectangular. If your damper is circular this is the correct model for you. These fireplaces are usually found in multi family dwellings such as Condo’s and Townhouses.

The smaller oval shaped Fireplace Plug was manufactured to meet a growing demand from our customers. This model of the Fireplace Plug has been on the market for only a few years but demand continues to increase and the feedback is very positive.

The metal firebox model of the Fireplace DraftStopper is designed to curl around a damper handle and still provide you with an extremely effective seal.

Elastic loops attach the telescoping prop device to the Fireplace Plug insuring easy installation. The prop allows you to position the pillow without having to touch the sooty fireplace interior.


Our New Small DraftStopper is an inflatable PVC pillow measuring 18″ diameter inflated.
It is quickly and easily installed into any metal or zero-clearance fireplace just below the damper. This size will fit any round damper.

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